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songs you should own #3 – God of This City from new Passion CD

I’ll be serving at the Passion Regional event in DC at the end of February. Thanks Lib, for encouraging me to go. I love you.

“God of This City” is Passion’s new album that was released on Feb. 5th. I think the album is great, but the title track “God of This City” is really amazing. The song has a fresh flavor musically and the lyrics are also unique.

I think the song will help people @ HBC verbalize that God is calling us to be part of the greater things he still wants to do. The chorus of the songs says…

Greater things have yet to come and greater things are still to be done here.

That statement is so true! When I sing that line, I’m praising God for what he will do, but I’m also calling myself to be part of it. I believe that greater things are still to be done here in Hockessin/Wilmington, Delaware.

Click below to go launch the ecard, where you can hear a sample of the song.

Rick just told me he would like us to teach this song @ HBC during the “Jesus of Suburbia” series that starts this Sunday. I’m pumped to worship with this song @ HBC.

You can buy the song here:
Chris Tomlin - Passion: God of This City - God of This City


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