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You Alone Can Rescue – Matt Redman

Matt Redman sang a new song @ the Passion DC regional that I really enjoyed hearing. It’s called You Alone Can Rescue. I think from what Matt Redman said – he’s still finishing the verses for the song.

It’s a salvation song – the lyrics are so beautiful. If you have a minute, reflect on these lyrics today…

1st Chorus:
You alone can rescue
You alone can save
You alone can lift us from the grave
You came down to find us – led us out of death
To You alone belongs the highest praise

2nd Chorus:
Now we are more than conquerers through your deathless love
And nothing Lord will have a hold on us
You’re the saving promise – You will never fail
To You Alone Belongs the highest praise

We lift up our eyes, we lift up our eyes, You are the giver of life

I have several blogs coming that reflect on what I learned by volunteering at the passion DC regionals.



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