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lunch on the street, under an amtrak bridge

Ben and I were able to eat lunch with three homeless people today. We all ate under an Amtrak bridge, not far from the Wilmington Train station. Here’s how it went down…

We had stopped to talk to this crew a few weeks back. We found them on the same street corner, under the same bridge. This time we had stuff to give them, thanks to Ben! We walked up to Karin, Herman and Kevin and chatted with them for awhile. Ben gave Kevin a Texas Tech sweatshirt (which he put on immediately) and we gave Herman a towel. We’re going to bring Karin some jeans next Wednesday. (side note – if you have any size 20 women’s jeans – let me know…seriously.)

We asked them if they wanted to go grab lunch with us, they started laughing like we were joking. We weren’t. Then we suggested that we get some food for them and bring it back. They were pumped, and very gracious. They asked for burgers and fries from McDonald’s – so that’s where we went. We asked if any of them wanted to come along, to help get the food. Kevin volunteered.

While driving there, we found out a little about Kevin. He’s trying to get himself into a detox program, in Florida or Texas. He kept coughing. He said “hey baby” to a lady walking out of the McDonald’s. But he was very good about getting straws for everyone, and he asked for separate to go bags for his friends under the bridge.

Ben and I ordered snack wraps – 1.39 each. We each got 2. Those things are not bad – has anyone tried them? We got quarter pound meals all around for our new friends.

We got back to Karin and Herman. Herman cleared off a concrete column so we could set our drinks on the column while we stood around and ate together. We had some great conversation during our meal.

Afterward, I asked if we could pray for them. They were surprisingly very excited to have us pray for them. Herman suggested we all hold hands. So we held hands in a makeshift circle – and I prayed for them. I prayed that they would have a hope and a vision of what God wants to accomplish in their lives. It was very humbling for me to pray for Karin and Herman, but it was also a blessing. There was a true sense that the Holy Spirit was there in person while we prayed.

So as you read this, please say a prayer for Karin, Herman and Kevin…I don’t think they’ll mind.


author – Terry Foester

I'm a family man at heart. I admit my world revolves around my wife Libby and our 3 hooligans...Eli, Eden and Silas. They are easy to love. I'm trying to learn to love the rest of you. I also like to ask questions.

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