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$2,306…so far, wow! – Herman’s Bridge update #8

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the lack of updates. There is still a lot happening – good things happening.

Ben and I continue to meet up with Herman each Wednesday, and we are in the process of helping him take some new steps. He still has a long way to go, so please remember him in prayer.

One thing we’ve noticed is that this experiment has given Herman an extra layer of accountability – that he never had before. He seems to be recognizing how people from all over the country are chipping in to help him. And you know what? That’s giving him HOPE.

We had the chance to take him some of your notes/letters. We’ll make sure he gets all the letters, a few at a time.

This whole experience has been so humbling for us.

So far, we’ve collected 903 individual dollars!!!! So we’re very close to maxing out our two $500 matches. We also have a third donor who will give an additional $500. So we have $2,306 so far.  Yeah!

Keep telling your friends. We hope to have this wrapped up in the next couple of weeks.

Here are a couple of random bullets…

  • Herman found his Cross! (He said he found it a week after he lost it – in his stuff I think…)
  • Herman will be 58 on May 31, we’re going to throw him a birthday party – any ideas??? What should we get him? – leave a comment with your ideas! Seriously.
  • I heard about this kid (Sean) that worked a half-day with his dad to earn some dollars for Herman. Amazing.
  • One grandmother (she referred to herself as an 80 year old grandmother) sent Herman an extra $5 so he could buy himself a birthday present.
  • University of Delaware students were having a Barbecue and they started passing a bucket around for Herman. They were getting together for a Baptist Student Ministries gathering. They gave us an envelope with $39. Thanks Blake and Emily!
  • We were sent US dollars from Canada (Winnipeg & Ottawa) and Perth, Australia! Global.
  • We have all the major sections of the US represented (Northeast, Southeast, Northwest -thanks Oregon, Midwest, California and Texas)
  • We have some photos and other updates coming soon. In the meantime, I updated the map. It’s exciting to see so many states jumping in to help Herman.



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