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An Abundant Life

Anne Jackson asked this question on her blog:

What does an abundant life look like to you?

Here was my 10 second, off the cuff comment….

  1. By Terry Foester on Mar 19, 2008 | Reply

    I have such a negative take on my abundant life right now.

    Like every trendy person (i tend to be a trend follower), I’ve been trying to simplify the last couple of years. I finally got around to giving things away.

    This led to some more extreme behaviors. My buddy and I started hanging around homeless people. The more we hung with them, the more we felt convicted about our lives.

    This past weekend, I brought one of my homeless friends to my house. Introduced him to my wife and kids, and we ate a meal together. We hung out all afternoon. It was a great time.

    Then I dropped him off, under his bridge by the train station in Wilmington. And drove away.

    I’m annoyed at myself for having such an abundant life.

If you check out Anne’s blog, you’ll read a lot of really great responses of what the abundant life is – in Christ.

My response looks at it purely from a material perspective. In fact, I sound a little angry. I’m starting to understand this strange unexpected perspective of ‘a life of abundance’ colliding with the actions of helping those in need. It’s almost as if when my hands and feet interact with people in need (with the overarching goal to help) – that anger is some sort of odd by-product. Maybe righteous anger? I don’t know.



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