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the person in me

Ben and I were hanging with Herman over the summer and at the time he (Herman) had been beaten up by a guy on the street…his eye was all swollen.  I guess it really is dangerous to live on the street?

I was just re-reading my journal today and found a quote from Herman about the incident.  This is how Herman described his feelings that day…

The person in me wants to repay him…but the God in me wants to forgive him.

Herman may lack solid theology, but he has a way with words.  You gotta give him that.


I Heart Revolution by Hillsong United – streaming on Relevant

Ahh, a treat for my faithful few…

For the next few days you can watch Hillsong United’s new DVD in HD on Relevant TV…each song is a different track.  Beautiful worship from around the world – really beautiful sounds and visually impressive.

Herman update

Terry Foester October 16, 2008 at 4:13 pm

I’m sorry for not updating you on Herman…

I still meet with Herman almost every Wednesday.

Herman is still on the street. We still have the money sitting/waiting for him…I still give him clothes and food (And Bibles – which he in turn hands out 🙂 – but he’s not open to getting counseling right now. After his time in prison, he had a good stretch where he showed some improvement towards his outlook.

Now he’s back in a rut…causing trouble on the street…but we’re still his friend, still trying to love on him.

I will bring some new love to the blog SOON!

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