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how to help homeless people according to eli (6) and eden (4)

A while ago, I was sitting with my six year old son and my four year old daughter. We were talking about Herman and they were asking why people were homeless. I asked them for their ideas on how to help homeless people. Below are their ideas.  I thought it was funny that Eli started by saying that we needed some building plans.  And Eden was concerned that they needed trash cans and markers…kids are pretty insightful.


The Ordianary Radicals film – can you spot Herman?

Check out this trailer for the Ordinary Radicals film that releases this fall.  This is an independent documentary produced by Jamie Moffett.

Can you spot Herman?    About a minute into the trailer, you can see the back of my head as the shot is on the park bench.  It pans out to a shot with Ben and Herman standing in Chistina Park.  This footage was taken while we were playing chess with Herman.



Keep praying for Herman, he seems to be doing much better after his visit to prison.  He’s out now, and back living on the street.  I’ve met up with him several times since he was released.  I even took him back to prison to pick up his cross.  That was interesting.

The Shack – William P. Young interview

UPDATE: They put the interview back up – it’s streaming again.  Go check it out.

William P. Young “Willie”, the author of The Shack, was interviewed as part of the summer series of 7|22 in Atlanta, Ga.

7|22 is a young adult gathering, and they stream their worship and teaching online. Very cool, for someone like me – who can’t get enough worship on Sunday…

Anyway, I happened to listen to this interview and I was really amazed at the true story behind the Shack. If you’ve already read The Shack (or even if you are one of the few who hasn’t) – you seriously need to watch this interview. Seriously!

Click Here

Then click on “All Access” at the bottom of the page.

Then launch the flash player by clicking the “F” flash symbol for the 6/24 gathering, it looks like this…

+ William P. Young – The Shack

Unabridged, Part 1 of 3
6/24/08 + William P. Young

Listen in Windows Media Player Watch in Flash Video

The worship at the beginning is lead by Eddie Kirkland, a worship leader @ Northpoint church. You can skip to the interview if you want, but the worship that Eddie leads is really great too.

The cool thing about the interview, is that you really get a sense of how the book originated – it’s built around the amazing true life story of Willie. In real life, Willie grew up as a missionary kid in papua new guinea and he openly talks about the abuse he endured as a kid…this relates to The Great Sadness and The Shack.

Tony first told us about the Shack last spring. Libby read it in 4 days – she could really relate because of some of the things she’s been dealing with.

Hope you guys enjoy the interview. Let me know what you think…

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I'm a family man at heart. I admit my world revolves around my wife Libby and our 3 hooligans...Eli, Eden and Silas. They are easy to love. I'm trying to learn to love the rest of you. I also like to ask questions.

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