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satan uses turbotax

oh snap! you’ve got to watch this. this is from Craig Groeschel / i love what Craig is doing @ Lifechurch.

i can think of 4 things that Satan has been telling me I need. pretty much every other day i believe him. why are we such suckers???



Eden and I were talking this morning, we were talking about what she did yesterday – except she used “nexterday” instead of yesterday. Libby and I were half asleep, but we both started cracking up. Eden is always combining and abbreviating words, I think that’s one of her gifts.  Along with looking cute…


What did you do nexterday?

add some wattage to Jesus’ fame – Louie Giglio – Passion world tour dates

I’ve been writing a lot of blogs lately and haven’t been posting them. Does anyone else do that? Maybe I’m getting too critical of myself, I don’t know. Maybe I’m starting to care too much about what others think of me.

I think I need to start throwing things out there again, so here we go…

I was listening to Louie Giglio speak on the Passion Podcast, he was talking about the world tour…listen to what he said…

We’re all about the fact that Jesus Christ and his Fame and his Name are the thing that light up heaven…And If we want our lives to count, not just here in the few minutes that we’re on this planet. But forever! Then we want to be in that moment in eternity when Jesus just lights up all of forever. And We want to say “I had a part in that. My life somehow added some wattage to Jesus’ fame in eternity. I did what I did in such away to help the world see who he is.” And that’s what Passion is really all about.

That’s what I really what to be about too. I love the picture that Louie creates when he charges us to “add some wattage to Jesus’ fame

I think the idea behind his statement is that no matter what we do, we need to turn the light towards and brighten the light on Jesus. We can’t lose that image in whatever we’re trying to accomplish with our lives.

So how am I turning light towards Jesus? And adding to the “wattage” that’s increasing his fame?

Hopefully we’ll be turning the light towards Jesus this weekend at the HBC men’s conference. Worship is going to be beautiful.

He is the Lord, the famous one.

Joshua 9:9 – Your servants have come from a very distant country because of the fame of the LORD your God. For we have heard reports of him

Two passion world tour dates in Europe, that’s what I’m talkin’ about…

  • Paris – June 3, 2008
  • London – June 5, 2008

shake it, don’t break it

i taught them everything they know…

songs you should own #2 – Save You by Matthew Perryman Jones

I love finding musicians that are a little off the map, but also rock. Matthew Perryman Jones is one of those guys. I love his song – Save You. I first heard about Matthew Perryman Jones through the square peg alliance that Derek Webb is part of.

The opening lyrics to Save You are so cool…

I wanna rock-n-roll
I wanna give my soul
I’m wanting to believe I’m not too old

You can listen to the song here:

Or buy it here:
Matthew Perryman Jones - Save You - Single - Save You

eating lunch in a soup kitchen – i can check that one off my list

It’s a little fuzzy on how Ben and I got ourselves into the situation – but we ended up eating lunch in a soup kitchen. I ate lunch with a spoon, which I thought was a bit odd.

When we first walked into the Emmanuel Dinning Room East , a guy waved us over to take a seat at a table. First we asked in the kitchen to see if they needed help serving. They said “not today”, so Ben and I followed the guy that was waving us over. We sat down at a table by ourselves. We were quickly served a plate with noodles and meat sauce, pees and carrots and two cookies. There was water and bread on the table. We felt awkward.

It wasn’t long before Tony sat down between us. Ben had just prayed for our free meal and asked God to send someone our way. We had an awesome conversation with Tony, he’s very positive and is looking for a job.

My sister-in-law Joanna had heard about our homeless lunch journeys. She gave me 2 goodie bags to hand out. They had candy, single use tooth brushes, and some wipes and lotion. After lunch, we wandered around and found two guys that seemed like they could use a goodie bag. Ironically both of them were pushing shopping carts and had shaggy beards.

First we found James, he said everyone calls him “Shaggy” – Ben asked if he could use a blanket, and he said “Dig it!”. Ben gave him a blanket from Ali and I gave him the goodie bag from Joanna. Shaggy dug right into the caramels as we were talking with him – no hesitation. I wonder if he’ll use the tooth brush? We told him we’d look for him so we can take him to lunch. I hope we find him again.

Next we found Jack, pushing a cart full of old computer parts – he was going to the recycling place. He also was happy to get a bag full of candy.

Not sure what we learned on this trip, except that giving stuff away is fun and anyone is welcome at the Emmanual Dinning Room East in Wilmington. Ben and I decided to serve here to make up for our free lunch…

Emmanuel Dining Room East
Food for the hungry
226 N. Walnut Street
Wilmington, DE 19801-3934

friday thought – GoGurt

After finishing lunch today, here’s my Friday thought

yogurt is really really good in a tube

tubes - the new staple

GoGurt Portable Yogurt, affectionately referred to as “tubes” by my kids – are a staple in our house. And when Dad packs his lunch – they are fair game…

author – Terry Foester

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