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some softness, a little bit of hair & a chord

Eli said something funny yesterday…
He was fascinated with these white pipecleaners and was inspecting one very closely…
Then he said: “Mom I know how they make these… some softness, a little bit of hair & a cord!”
It was so cute. I was cracking up.


hope for the hokies passion ep

The passion guys have put together a free “Hope for the Hokies” Passion EP. Totally free for download with no strings attached – meant for the hurting college communities. One of my favorite songs (that I even try to sing when I’m alone sometimes) is on the EP —- The Charlie Hall song – Come for Me.

“the tendency in the current climate of life is to act as if we care, but to really not pray”- Louie Giglio

…so if we really care – we pray.

eli can sing

eli’s almost 5 and he’s got pretty good taste in music…

his three favorite tunes to sing are:

1. I Saw The Light (from A Collision) by David Crowder Band

2. Let the Name of God Be High (from Please Don’t Make Us Sing These Songs) by Derek Webb

3. You’re Beautiful (from Back to Bedlam) by James Blunt

(he sings this one to his mama, but we have to mute the song for a second during the second verse)


brown puma’s (eli’s got red ones to match)

live who you are. God has entrusted me with something, something that he is really about – and it’s something that i need to be about. there’s room for everyone in God’s plan, and i don’t want to miss any of what He has for me. even King David missed out on a little more that God had for him (2 Samuel).

God what are you into? And what do you want me to be into that you are already into? I’m still wrestling with this question.

i’m still in this six month window, a season of change of sorts. i feel that God is calling me out to something that He is really for. Like the lost and destitute. i’m not sure i’m all about the lost and the destitute. sometimes i feel i am, but a lot of the time i’m all about having green grass in my back yard. and comfortable shoes, that are still very cool. and some nice things that surround me. but God is moving me (literally?/vocationally?heart-fully?) to something new. i want to love God with all i am, i want to be vulnerable to God.

God is doing some great things in my heart right now, giving me more compassion for people that i have not loved in the past. i’m still wrestling with what i want that to look like, and trying to shake that from God, praying and hoping and believing that it will become clear.

i want to let go of fear, be able to take a risk, not worry about my shoes or how green my grass is, and find my real joy in the Lord.

call me out – i’m open right now – i believe you will lead me straight(ish)

death still does not win – even in blacksburg

sub-heading: the question mark kid

yeah, i don’t know what to think of the virginia tech shooting…except that for some, things will never be the same – and yet for me personally they are the same. the thing about death is that it stings – and penetrates certain circles or spheres of life…this event is having a huge sphere…everyone’s writing and thinking about it….but for me everything is the still the same…i’m not sure what to think about this….but i’m still going through a regular day like any other.

on april 11th i wrote that death does not win…and on april 16th death still does not win…but that’s easy for me to say…the words of David Crowder come to mind…from his song Oh the Glory of it All (if you have not heard this song, go to i-tunes and download it right now bro – you can’t go wrong)

at the start — he was there — he was there
in the end — he’ll be there — he’ll be there
after all our hands have wronged — he forgives

oh the glory of it all — is that he came in — for the rescue of us all — that we may live
oh the glory of it all — oh the glory of it all

all is lost — find him there — find him there
after night — dawn is there — dawn is there
after all falls apart — he repairs — he repairs

oh the glory of it all — is that he came in — for the rescue of us all — that we may live
oh the glory of it all — oh the glory of it all

after night — comes alive — dawn is here — it’s a new day — everything will change — things will never be the same — we will never be the same — we will never be the same

i read that cho was referred to as a loner and was known as “the question mark kid” to some…what would drive someone to do this besides the devil himself…i guess satan was his only friend…

lester feels like a last name and cho feels like a question mark…how can some be so lost when “the found” are so close (in proximity at least) – that’s what I need to think about…

death does not win

The day after I watched David bury his wife, I led worship @ HBC…the whole weekend was a reminder of how great God is, and that he is very much alive in his people. I picked the worship set the Sunday before Elizabeth’s death, which turned out to be an amazing time of worship for me. This is something I said before the You Are My God/Good to Me/How Great Is Our God/Heart of Worship stream of songs…

That was meant to wake us up a little bit (referring to Trading My Sorrows/Ancient of Days)…I want to say thanks to Pastor Rick for jumping in on drums this morning on short notice…so thank you

I want to give the context of how I’m worshiping this morning as we go into these next 4 songs…to me worship is a response to God. Singing is just one small aspect of worshiping God…you know all the people that are over there with our kids (pointing down the hall) are doing the greater act of worship right now, and I think we all know that. So there’s my plug for getting involved with the child ministry if you want to do that…you know, when we respond to God it’s a lot about the “here and now” of responding… but it’s also a reflection of where we’ve been maybe this last week or even before that…I watched a friend bury his 27 year old wife yesterday, so as we sing these songs – you know death has been pretty real to me and to I know some of you out there this week (I was referring to the Attia’s in my mind because Magdy’s dad had died – I remember catching Caroline’s eyes @ that point)…death comes kind of close sometimes, and becomes really tangible at some points in our lives…I saw my friend say that God is good and I know that he said that not only with his words but also with his actions, and it was a real reminder to me that God is Good in all things….so even though death is real…the greatness of God is that death does not win!…Paul said it this way….the Apostle Paul

I declare to you brothers that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God. Nor does….death has been swallowed up in victory…

The highlights for me….when we repeated the chorus to You Are My God – we had some neat harmonies going on and it was so easy to sing “You Are My God – early in the morning – will I rise to meet you” – in light of Elizabeth’s death….then @ the end of “Good to Me” we hung on the words “Good to Me” – I added an extra measure to the three chords that loop and we sang Good to me at half the tempo…we just hung on it for awhile….Good to Me

lester – a good last name

I had a good chat with Lester today. He is a homeless guy I ran into along the river. We sat & chatted, and went a little deeper than the weather. It was more for me than him for sure, but it was good to connect with someone new. I did ask him if he had any big plans ahead of him, and he said that Easter is a hard time. He said the libraries are closed – and that he spends a lot of time in libraries. He said he might go to the farmers market but he’s not sure yet.

I could so end up like Lester – seriously…with nothing but a Green Bay Packers duffle bag full of clothes, a long beard (which was very impressive), some scares, and a quiet disposition.

Some of these praise lyrics are getting in the way of me knowing what it means to follow God. They say these awesome things like “the time has come to stand for all we believe in, today – today we live for one thing, and all the praise goes out to you”. That’s fine and true, but when you’re sitting with a homeless dude a stones through from where you work – it’s hard to understand – then you decide to skip lunch for some reason, and you know it’s impossibly strange that you can even talk to God – but you are still hungry, have to go back to work, but still have time to check how your boys are doing in your master’s pool…life is so strange some times.

But he is so the light of the world, even to the fatherless and the childless. Lester never had any kids.

Then last night was equally as strange taking LaShawn and Chase to the passion play. A muslim guy & girl that are so far removed from my real life…but they became part of my real life for a night – we listened to some rap music on the way home…and I learned that cell phones are really important to the younger crowd…but I was still tired, and maybe not as friendly as I could’ve been – but I hate to force things.

Today with Lester was so not forced which made it really cool for me (it was so for me anyway) – there was this strange progression that led me to Lester’s park bench…it began by walking by him and not really noticing…then some strange thoughts brought me back, like a Robin that kept looking @ me strangely, turned me around, confused me, then led me back a bit – then an old historical picture of a bridge that gave me a place to start.

Either way, God has put this marvelous light right in front of us, to chase after. And it’s in the simple moments and in the everyday when he really shows up, but it’s still easy to miss him then.

Looking ahead, and one thought that came to my mind last night is that the weight of Glory is the cross – literally – then I heard something this morning that the word for Glory in the old testiment has this idea of heaviness…so when we ask God to show us His Glory, in a way we’re asking him to show us the weight of the cross.

Anyway, I’m not making any more sense to myself so I just need to go “run” some profiles in Geopak. Cut the tin file, look @ the triangulation and then check the contours…I’ll try to set the neighborhood street profiles – Parcel F, part of the GlenEagles subdivions in the St. Charles Development- I guess that will have some impact on people later – I remember playing ball in my street and the tennis balls always getting stuck in the catch basins…

oh well – I guess it’s all for His Glory, His Weight, His Heaviness, His Burden, His Cross

Lester is his last name, but he goes by his last name. Maybe he just feels like a last name now…he stays @ St. Anne’s…

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