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3 | eden | 3 | eden | 3

so my little girl turned 3! she’s growing so quickly…she can run so quick now…she’s so beautiful


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you are my hope – your promise never fails me

our friend elizabeth passed away last night…her husband said it was right that she would pass away on the first day of spring – he reminded us that she was ushered into glory…

i’m reminded even more today that God wants me to follow him, he’s asking me to set my net out…i need to trust him, and not focus on the cost…

when we picked the worship songs for this week’s set @ HBC we didn’t know that Elizabeth would pass the same week – but after practicing Monday night, the first thoughts that came to my mind after hearing of her death Wednesday morning were the lyrics from Good to Me – they came right to my mind…we’ll start the set by singing “Trading my Sorrows” – it’ll be great to sing that we can trade our sickness and that God is good…and then sing “Good to Me” and How Great is Our God” – and then close things by singing “The Heart of Worship” – this set is so appropriate in light of Elizabeth’s death…her two year old and six month old boy’s can’t sing these praises yet – but I hope some day they truly can…

You Are my Hope! Your promise never fails me! And my desire is to follow you forever…for you are good, for you are good, for your are good to me – yes you are good…


it’s amazing how something seemingly insignificant can take on so much meaning – the whole idea of Ctrl-Alt-Del is strange – it becomes this solution of sorts to deal with a locked up computer…the button’s themselves are pretty meaningless, seldomly used – but they join together to have this strange meaning…

courage & fear – take a risk tk

courage to take a risk – set aside your fears bro

what vision has God given me? i need the courage to take a risk…
what needs to be done? what needs to change? what needs to move forward?

then….how do i initiate? how do i launch into the unknown?

is God calling HBC to be a multi-campus environment? let’s create an environment to capture those that are being missed.

God – what mission are you calling me to? I can sense in the depths of who I am that you are calling me out to lay things down…I’m struggling to know what that could or might or should look like…give me the courage to figure it out. I don’t want to back down on this, because it’s getting easier and easier to back down, the further I get into this…

sometimes I struggle with inadequacy – can God really use me?
sometimes I struggle with apathy – do I really love people? (besides my little circle)
sometimes I struggle with confusion/purpose – where is God really calling me? and to who?
sometimes I struggle with the practicality of this whole thing – what about money/benefits and my family?
sometimes I struggle about what other people will think – this goes way back to H.S….
sometimes I struggle with the value of what i’m being called to do – Am I taking the easy way out?
sometimes I fear that God will leave me where I am – Am I just looking for an easy way out?
sometimes I fear that God isn’t really calling me to something great – Does he really want to use me?
sometimes I fear that I missed my chance – Did I not take a risk I already should have? Is it too late for me?
sometimes I fear that I won’t figure it out – How will I really know what God is calling me to do?
sometimes I fear about my kids and my wife – what will happen to them in all this?

God – give me the courage to set aside my fears – to trust you – to be patient – to not make a dumb decision to go after something I shouldn’t – to see you – to know you – to follow you – and to lead others to you…I trust you God

Alvarez MD90-C

This is my new Alvarez MD90-C – solid Englemann Spruce top will solid Indian Rosewood back and sides. I’m enjoying it so far.


what i’ve learned about leading worship as a volunteer

Leading worship well (and for free) – the art and technique behind leading worship within a volunteer/lay worship ministry model

Spiritual aspects:

  • Don’t be afraid to take an uncomfortable step of leadership – I’ll share a little of my story and share about the example of Moses – He wasn’t even that willing really, God Himself taught him on the job.
  • Be authentic – bring in aspects from your real life – I often share stories from my family and friends and about how God is teaching me – (Reference some personal stories in the article. Use Eli’s story about how God sings over us.)

Artistic Aspects:

  • Accept that God has placed you in an important role of ministry and be confident that he will give you a voice – and something significant to say to his local people. (i.e. don’t downplay the fact that you’re “just a volunteer”)
  • Don’t just use other famous worshipers’ ideas – listen to God and ask Him how to lead his local people to Him, through you – be a true servant. Write your own song, or do a song in a new way.
  • Be willing to put the effort into preparing, but come to the worship time prepared to follow the Spirit – and let go of things a bit. Those most prepared to worship are the most able to follow the Spirit (This is a Louie Giglio point)
  • Don’t use your “volunteer” status as an excuse not to prepare.

Logistical Aspects:

  • Think specifically about what you will say between songs, and how you will help lead people into God’s presence.
  • Get lots of people involved.
  • Have high expectations for the entire ministry (even though it’s a bunch of engineers/lawyers/scientists making some noise for God)
  • Ask people to commit.
  • Bring people along in their own journey of leading others in worship – help them take small steps of leadership along the way
  • Practice as a band for three hours for every ½ hour of worship time
  • Be clear to the worshipers about how the team and ministry works – so everyone has realistic expectations
  • Search for that hidden talent within the church – young and old
  • Don’t decide/judge how God might use or not use someone – I’ve been wrong on this too many times
  • Work with church staff to connect all aspects of any given worship service together

daddy, i’m scarred

usually when eli runs to my bed in the middle of the night his first words are – daddy, i’m scarred

i thought this would be a great children’s book idea…here are some quick thoughts:

  • me back and forth with Eli from my bed to his
  • The defender of our faith
  • Use Everlasting God ideas in book
  • Have car bed in story
  • Do summer Sault when I put him back in bed
  • Pray with him.
  • Not sure about animation, or if characters will be people or animals…

author – Terry Foester

I'm a family man at heart. I admit my world revolves around my wife Libby and our 3 hooligans...Eli, Eden and Silas. They are easy to love. I'm trying to learn to love the rest of you. I also like to ask questions.

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