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the well that won’t run dry

We say he’s the well that never runs dry – why don’t we go after that drink more often…maybe we’re not aware of our thirst….

Are we really thirsty? – and just don’t recognize it, or are we drinking too much soda?…I guess it’s a combination of both…

So how do we become more aware of our thirst, and stop filling that thirst with soda?

I think I’m making this too confusing, just start drinking more water…

“Jesus you’re the well that won’t run dry, the drink that satisfies”


Theology of Derek Webb

Thoughts from Derek Webb – grassroots pod cast 1/24/2006

If theology stays cerebral, it never really hits the road.

There’s a point at which theology is good, but if it never becomes ethics – it’s not so good.

If it never informs or changes the way you love people, then you’re a clanging cymbal.

We are the church set free, but we are freed unto what? – what we don’t need is a new law (we don’t need just more specific requirements) (here’s what the church needs to do to fix all our problems

…we need to be looking for the fruits of the spirit…it’s going to look different and make us rely on the SPIRIT…

…the real issue is idolatry…

…if I really believed the gospel…then you’d see

bono: “jesus, jew mahamad, it’s true all are son’s of Abraham”

Notes from a Kyle Lake sermon – Subversive

10 Subversive behaviors – countercultural in today’s world

(i don’t know where #10 is…)

1) Suffering with Joy

2) In the market place, to treat customers/clients/co-workers with a sense of worth

3) In the class room, teachers teaching with passion and treating their students with a sense of dignity and respect

4) As a student, to study/work with diligence and excellence no matter what the subject matter is.

5) As business people, squeeze the most work we can get into our line of work – at a reasonable price

(instead of squeezing as much money out of the least amount of work)

6) At home, you look the same way out there, as you do at home

(norm is to live a totally different way at home that you do in public)

7) Treating the environment with respect and dignity

(norm, not to give a flip about the environment)

(if this seems foreign to you – it should be a red flag – who created the earth?)

8) Forgiving another individual for a wrong done, even if they don’t “deserve” forgiveness (rather than carrying that wrong done to you for 12 years)

9) Take responsibility for doing wrong to another individual, and ask for forgiveness

Said before Blessed Be the Name, during worship @ HBC

I was listening this week to a video clip from Matt Redman.

In the clip, Matt describes his song Blessed Be the Name.

He pointed out that worship is a choice.

It’s always been a choice.

Sometimes it’s easy to make that choice.

But sometimes life’s circumstances may keep us from easily making the choice to worship God.

But worship is still a choice.

The next song describes and even declares God’s character.

The following 2 songs are more responsive songs to God.

So as we sing, everyone in this place can make the choice to worship God

by choosing to declare his character and responding to him in worship.

some of my lyrics

I’ve let you down even so you’ve lifted me, you’ve loved me so

On your right hand, sits my messiah

Someday I won’t let you down, you’ll lift me up

Notes from 7[]22 talk w/ Joel Thomas

I was listening to a 7[]22 talk by Joel Thomas….he said a couple of things that stood out…here we go…

“It’s on the mountain top – that we see with clarity” – In relationship to meaningful moments in our spiritual journey…We shouldn’t downplay those moments later when they seem less impressive…I can definitely relate to this.

But somehow in the Christian life we run into the same things over and over again (re-runs)

  • Pride – an over inflated view of myself
  • Envy – coveting others advantages, successes or posessions
  • Lust – let’s just put it out there – uncontrolled impure thought life and desires

The Strong Arm of Love –

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